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There's a lot that goes on behind a steering wheel, and Isuzu have spent decades refining the way our trucks handle. This is a purpose built truck. There are no modifications made to the steering system under the cab. Left-hand side steering input is transferred through a gear driven cross shaft mounted inside of the cab. The steering columns also adjust in unison (rake angle only), so you can always steer from the optimum position whether you’re manning the left or right wheel.

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No matter which way you spin it, retro-fitting a standard truck with dual control is asking it to do something it was never designed to do. And you might be voiding your warranty in the process. Isuzu's Dual Control Trucks are purpose built to Isuzu Australia specs. So you get the reliability that Isuzu is famous for, as well as the support of a full factory warranty. And that’s something that you can’t simply sweep aside.


Performance and reliability aren’t the only benefits of having a purpose built Isuzu Dual Control Truck, there's also the cabin. Firstly, you get the supremely comfortable ISRI 6860 suspension seat. On both sides of the cab. But that's not the only place you'll be seeing double, as you've also got dual instrument clusters. And with electric mirrors and cruise control* to boot, it's the most impressive Dual Control Cab you can buy - no two ways about it.

*Cruise control available on right-hand side driving position only.


Isuzu's legendary reputation for reliability has been built off the back of using only the best componentry. Long-term durability is one thing, but you also need the grunt to get the job done in the here and now. With peak power reaching 191kW (260PS), our 6HK1, 6 cylinder diesel engine can share your load with ease, and when partnered with an Allison 2500 LCT 6-speed automatic, gives you a level of performance unrivalled in its class.

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