Managing a fleet, or running your own trucking business, can be stressful enough as it is. There is nothing more crucial than maintaining a healthy fleet, so we've created a 'stress free' service in Isuzu Priority. Knowing that the lifeblood of your business is under control, and in the best hands, provides true peace of mind and allows you to spend more time doing what you do best, which is building and growing your business.

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ISUZU PRIORITY ONE takes the stress out of servicing your largest investment, your truck.

ISUZU PRIORITY TOTAL offers you even more on top of what you would receive with Priority One, giving you ultimate peace of mind in knowing your truck will always be on the move.

ISUZU PRIORITY HERITAGE provides the owners of older Isuzu models the same high level of service by Isuzu Technicians that a new truck owner enjoys.

When it comes to service, Isuzu Priority puts you front and centre. We're dedicated to maximizing your time on the road by reducing wait times. As a Priority customer, the paperwork is already done and the service has been pre-paid as part of your monthly fee.

For new truck owners, there are two levels of coverage available – Priority One & Priority Total.

Genuine Filters & Lubricants
Report Fault Codes
Valve Clearance Adjustments
Wheel Bearing re-pack
Lubricating All Joints
All Consumables & Environmental
Globes – Stop, Tail, Number Plate, Indicator, Headlight, Interior
Wiper Blades
Relays & Fuses
Fan Belts & Coolant Hoses
Washer Fluid
Engine Components
Transmission Components
Brake Components
Suspension Components
Electrical Components
  • Extended Care
  • Extended Assist
  • Telematics
  • After-hours servicing
  • Glass coverage
  • Tyre coverage
  • Caltex fuel card
  • Pick up & drop off
  • Taxi & hire car options

Items outlined in the above service agreement products are based on general wear and tear only and are subject to the terms and conditions contained in the Isuzu Priority Service Agreements which are outlined below. Indexed to CPI. Fees are payable and additional amounts may be payable for early termination. For full terms and conditions see your Authorised Isuzu Representative. *Additional costs apply.

Isuzu has been the number one truck company in Australia for over 25 years, so we know a thing or two about heritage. We've maintained our leadership by valuing our customers not only in the short term, but for the long haul as well. Even if you don't own a new Isuzu, you're still an Isuzu customer, and you're still our priority.

  • Labour
  • Best Value Parts
  • Lubricants
  • Valve adjustments
  • Wheel bearing re-pack
  • Fault code check
  • Consumables
  • Environmental

Isuzu Priority Heritage is available for Isuzu Truck model years 2000 – 2011 only. For full terms and conditions see your Authorised Isuzu Representative.

This is a summary of the Isuzu Service Agreement (Agreement) in relation to an Isuzu truck (Vehicle) and is not intended to form part of the Agreement. It contains an outline of the Agreement and you should consider its terms before you sign the agreement.

For new Isuzu Trucks there are two service levels available:

  1. Isuzu Priority One; and
  2. Isuzu Priority Total.

Isuzu also offers a service level for older Isuzu Trucks, being the Isuzu Priority Heritage service agreement, which contains its own terms.

The Agreement starts from the date that you sign it and ends when the last vehicle in the relevant Schedule has reached its ending date. Under the Agreement, in providing the level of services you have selected (Selected Services), Isuzu has certain obligations to you, but you also have certain obligations to Isuzu. These are set out in clauses 3 and 4 of the Agreement.

It is not intended that this Agreement in any way affects a Vehicle's standard factory warranty, which contains terms that may differ to this Agreement, and which cannot be excluded under the ACL. The level of Selected Services you have selected to be provided by a member of the Isuzu Authorized Network (Isuzu Network) may, subject to the Agreement, contain exclusions.

The price for the services you have selected under the Agreement is calculated based on a rate per unit multiplied by 1/12th of estimated annual units (i.e. expressed as kilometres or hours), and is set at a fixed monthly fee, however that rate is automatically adjusted to reflect any increase in the CPI annually (Monthly Fee).

In addition to selecting a particular service level in your Agreement, you may also choose additional options for tyre and/or windscreen repair or replacement (Options). Depending on the level of option chosen, pricing can either be included in the Monthly Fee, or for an additional price. Your Isuzu representative can explain pricing and options to you in more detail.

To make payments of the Monthly Fee easier, it is expected that you will enter into a direct debit arrangement with Isuzu. Payments are made automatically on or around the 15th of every month.

The Agreement works on the basis that you provide an estimate of annual units that you expect each truck in your fleet to travel, or be in operation, at the start of the Agreement. If, for some reason, you expect that a particular truck would travel or operate more than what you expected, you must tell Isuzu immediately so that Isuzu can increase the relevant rate for that particular vehicle.

The Agreement will be reviewed from time to time, if appropriate, to calculate any differences between estimated annual units and actual units consumed (travelled). Isuzu may invoice you for an additional amount if it determines a considerable difference.

Both you and Isuzu have the right to terminate this Agreement, however if you terminate before the relevant end date for a particular Vehicle, Isuzu will settle the Agreement with a final invoice. The way in which Isuzu calculates this is on a reasonable basis and is set out in the Agreement.

Isuzu has the discretion to extend the term of the Agreement for any particular Vehicle if requested.

Finally, Isuzu offers a suite of other products which will benefit your bottom-line. These include:

  • Extended Care;
  • Extended Assist;
  • Isuzu Telematics;
  • Other miscellaneous services

Each of these products come with their own separate terms and conditions. Your Isuzu representative can provide you with further information upon request.

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